What We Offer

Our School’s Vision
North Kern Christian School was founded in 1978 to assist Christian parents in fulfilling their divine responsibility to thoroughly train their children to obey God in every area of life, training them to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. The Home Study Program was developed in 1990, to extend the school’s services to parents who feel led to educate their children at home. It was updated in 2008 to provide still more flexible options for parents.

Parental authority and responsibility for a child’s education come directly from God. The school is a supplementary agency, a supportive partner in this vital task. It is important that parents enrolling their children understand these concepts, and agree to support them.

What’s Required?
All new admissions are conditional and subject to review for the first year. Enrolled families must attend five mandatory teacher meetings and three private consultations with our Supervising Teacher, where individual diagnosis may be provided, and curriculum recommendations may be received. They must maintain and present required records, display academic progress, and comply with financial and academic policies of the program (as listed in our Parent Handbook).

What about the Cost?
Home Study families enrolling for the first time pay a registration fee of $70 per child, plus a startup fee of $50 per family. In addition, annual tuition (see insert) is payable in flexible payments. Tuition (and services) is more extensive for families wishing to pursue School- Directed Home Study (see insert).

Additionally, membership in Home School Legal Defense Association ($100 annually) is required. Other possible costs include oncampus classes, achievement testing (required grades 5 and up), field trips, graduation fee,
and optional educational group activities.

Families are also responsible for purchasing curriculum to fit the individual needs of their children. We have a large selection of used curriculum to loan or sell, as well as the option of ordering some curriculum at the school rate.


What We Offer Your Family

  • in-service parent/teacher training and fellowship meetings
  • one-on-one consultations/support with a supervising teacher who is a trained, experienced home educator, teacher, and high school counselor
  • organizational forms plus training and accountability in planning lessons, and setting and evaluating attainable goals for grades K-12
  • individualized diagnostic and achievement testing and help with interpreting results and applying findings to adapt curriculum and teaching methods to students’ learning styles
  • guidance in planning for higher education and careers; high school transcripts; all high school
    counselor services including work permits, college concurrent enrollment, college and career preparation
  • monthly newsletter/planning calendar and frequent e-mail updates of local events and legal/legislative briefs
  • personal curriculum counseling and group curriculum sharing
  • Frequent field trips and family activities, including an annual “overnight field trip” to a distant location, where multiple learning experiences are planned.
  • High school student activities and support
  • support and input from other home-teaching parents during scheduled
    meetings and activities
  • immediate access to support through prayer chain
  • opportunities for closer fellowship through active involvement in HSP- and
    school-sponsored events for students and families.
  • Available at our NKCS campus, we have:

–a school office with full-time staff
–enrollment in an established Christian school
–maintenance of cumulative academic records
–liability insurance coverage for all school activities
–used curriculum store/lending library
–access to ordering certain new curriculums
–book, media and software libraries
–access to computer, music and physical education classes, holiday programs, team sports, school pictures, field trips, and other events on campus
–opportunities to participate in regional ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) activities, such as Math Olympics, Spelling Bee, Speech Meet, Creative Writing and Piano Festivals

How it works

NKCS-HSP is a small, caring group where our families support one another by their participation
in the various activities offered and by serving the fellowship group in their areas of giftedness. The
more experienced home teachers are available to help new families through their voluntary support
group jobs, the prayer chain, and in the course of casual interaction during regular Parent/Teacher
meetings (five per year) and family activities. An added benefit: children find like-minded playmates who often turn into lifelong friends!

The supervising teacher is available throughout the year to advise and assist each family to plan
educational programs for each student according to his needs and abilities. She and her assistants also coordinate training meetings and family activities to enhance each family’s home experience.

NKCS has an excellent high school preparation plan, helping parents ensure that each student is ready to take on the rigors of public, private, or homebased high school academics. In addition, we have a complete high school program, helping prepare students for future academic and career success.