RaiseRight Program

WHAT IS IT? This program has the potential to be a major fundraiser for NKCS without any extra expense on the donors’ parts! It’s very simple–when you purchase scrip, you receive gift cards in the amount of your purchase for the merchant you select. If you pay $25 for a $25 grocery store card, you can spend $25 at the grocery store. BUT the grocery store gives back a percentage of that $25 to NKCS as a donation! If all NKCS families get in the habit of using this program for their regular purchases, the school and the families will benefit greatly!

FAMILY INCENTIVE: When the merchants give these donations to the school, 25% of the money generated by your purchases will go directly into your family’s account at the school, to be used at your discretion for school expenses such as tuition, lunches, and field trips. It would be beneficial for you to enlist family members and friends to purchase scrip under your name, to benefit your account and the school!

Scrip is available for many types of merchants, from fast food to major retailers to gift items and gasoline. Browse the RaiseRight website and you will see how often you use some of these vendors on a regular basis anyway, and how easy it would be to have the scrip handy when you shop there!

HOW TO ORDER: When you first visit the site, you will be asked to create an account name and password, and to identify North Kern Christian School as your school. Our school enrollment code is 8DCBF27511178.

When you log in, you will be presented with an alphabetical list of national and local vendors (some were especially selected by North Kern Christian School families). Next to each merchant’s name is a selection of gift cards available, and the percentage that merchant will donate to NKCS. Some donate as much as 20% of your order!

You may order online, or you may call or deliver your order to the office at NKCS. NKCS sends in orders every Monday for delivery by the end of that week.

PAYMENT: No online payment options are available at this time. Once you order, you will need to pay by writing a check and giving it to the Scrip Coordinator at NKCS by Monday of the week you need the scrip. Note: Even if you order online, your order will not be delivered unless payment has been received by Monday at NKCS. The scrip will be delivered to the school before the end of that week.

Go to RaiseRight.com

NKCS Enrollment Code: 8DCBF27511178