Fog Delay Policy

FOG DELAYS – LISTEN TO YOUR RADIO DURING THE FOG SEASON!NKCS will operate on a fog delay schedule when there is a fog delay for Wasco High School, Wasco Elementary, and/or Richland School District.  North Kern Christian School will not be announced on the radio.  NKCS does not delay when either Shafter High or General Shafter delay.  On fog delay days classes begin at 10:20, and school is dismissed at 3:00 including Wednesday.  At no time will we have a three hour delay.

If there are school cancellations announced for Wasco High School, Wasco Elementary, and/or Richland School District, North Kern Christian School will be closed for the day.

Please do not call the school office to ask if there is a fog delay; listen to the radio for information about delays.  At times the stations are slow getting out information, but calling the school ties up the phone lines that may be needed for school business.  The Kern County Superintendent of Schools web site offers up-to-date fog delays.  The web address is

NOTE: We will not have enrichment classes on either half-day or foggy day schedules.   If there is a foggy day on Wednesday, chapel will be canceled, unless it is a Crusader Chapel, which will begin at 10:30.  On foggy days, kindergarten is dismissed at 3:00.

NOTE:  Because fog can be very patchy, and we have parents that bring their children from areas outside the Wasco-Shafter areas, parents from outlying areas may bring their children to school late if the fog in their area makes it unsafe to drive.  This will not count against the student in the tardy policy.