1st-2nd Grades

Mrs. Maynard’s Weekly Note

1st and 2nd Grade

January 30th – February 2nd

Weekly Verse

Psalm 51:10
“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Student of the Week

Britney Hill


First Grade Spelling List

  1. pink
  2. drink
  3. think
  4. honk
  5. sung
  6. sang
  7. king
  8. string
  9. thing
  10. trunk
  11. thank
  12. bank
  13. strong
  14. where
  15. I’m


This week’s objectives in Math:

First Grade: we will be be counting by 3’s, measure inches and cm, before and after by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 2 column addition, identify hundreds place, clocks, weight.

Second Grade: we will be counting by2’s, 3,s 4’s, 5’s, adding three two digit numbers, adding three digit numbers with carrying, roman numerals, begin multiplication 4’s and 5’s, carrying and borrowing.

At Home Readers:

First Graders: The Bridge Book- return.

Second Graders: Sunshine Meadows – return.




Second Grade Spelling List

  1. added
  2. ended
  3. rested
  4. trusted
  5. counted
  6. called
  7. spilled
  8. mailed
  9. rained
  10. cleaned
  11. talked
  12. helped
  13. dressed
  14. wished
  15. marked
  16. asked
  17. once
  18. only
  19. both
  20. again

Vocabulary Words

  1. couple: two things
  2. created: brought into being
  3. faith: belief; trust


          Monday: Spelling words 3 time each

          Tuesday:  math or reading paper

          Thursday:  Picture find



Thank You,

Marti Maynard