As a body of believers, we are called upon to be constantly in prayer (I Thess. 5:17). These weekly notes will list different prayer items that I hope you will remember as you spend time in prayer each day. There are always more prayer items than listed, but we ask that you give special attention to these! Please pray for the school board. Please pray that the Fundraiser
Dinner would be a huge success. Remember to pray for the staff here at NKCS and the leadership of the school. Also for all of those who are not feeling well.

God’s Love Never Fails


Saturday, 1/21 – NKCS Fundraiser Dinner
Thursday, 2/9 – PTF Meeting 6:30 P.M.
Monday, 2/13 – Lincolns Birthday
– No School
Monday, 2/20 – Washington’s Birthday
Upcoming Dates:
March 10-End of 3rd QTR – Half Day

Student of the Week for 1/13!!

Kindergarten – Leonel Villasana
First & Second – Elijah Rodriguez
Third & Fourth – Saul Campos
Fifth & Sixth – Aviegael Aguerria
Seventh & Eighth – Addison Wilson

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Week. Good Job!!!!!

Fog Delays

NKCS will not be announced if there is a fog delay. We will delay ONLY if Wasco Elementary, Wasco High, and or Richland School District are delayed. We do not delay if Shafter High or General Shafter delay. On fog delay days, classes begin at 10:20 and school (including kindergarten) is dismissed at 3:00. If there is a cancelation for Wasco Elementary, Wasco High and or Richland School District, NKCS will also be closed for the day. Please listen to the radio or watch the morning news during the fog season. Also you may look up the Kern Superintendent’s website at alertline.kern.org. We will also send out any information through Gradelink. There is also an app you can put on yourphone to access the alert line easier and faster.

Crusaders of the Month

Crusader of the month was given out this week at chapel for Joy Congratulations to these students.
Kindergarten – Stetson Husby
First & Second Grade – Abigail Gonzalez
Third & Fourth Grade – Leah Lara
Fifth & Sixth Grade – Caroline Osuna
Seventh & Eighth Grade – Addison Wilson

Congratulations to you all!!!!! Next month will be looking for those students who display the Fruit of The Spirit of Peace.

Dress Code

We have had many of the girls wearing leggings both under their uniform skirts and on free dress days. Leggings MAY be worn under girls uniform skirts or shorts. They must be solid red, white, or blue. Legging’s may not be worn on free dress days alone with nothing over them. They may be worn under dresses or skirts. Please make sure uniforms are in good condition. Remember we also have the uniform closet. Sweatshirts or jackets that are worn inside must be school colors.


Crusaders Cafe

Please make sure you stay current on your Crusader Café. We have to pay the school district for the lunches every month.

PTF Meeting

We will have a PTF Meeting on Thursday, Feb. 9 at 6:30 P.M. to start planning the end of the year fundraiser. The last few years we have done taco kits. We will be starting on plans for this year. Hope to see you there.

Right Now Media

All NKCS families have free access to Right Now Media. Right Now Media is a streaming service that provides Christian material for the whole family. There is no charge to NKCS families for this valuable resource. To sign up, all you need to do is text, “NKCS” to 49775.

Raiseright Program!!

We have an ongoing fundraiser called Raiseright here at NKCS. This is a great program and so easy to use. The Raiseright program is basically gift cards that you purchase through the program and can use just like money at stores all over. Just a few examples are Albertsons, Home Depot, Carl’s Jr., Wal Mart, and Smart and Final. There are hundreds of cards offered. You can come into the office if you have any questions. There are order forms located in the school office or you can order online at www.Raiseright.com and put in the school enrollment code 8DCBF27511178.

Amazon Smile

If you currently shop on Amazon we would like you to consider logging onto “smile.Amazon.com”. You can pick a charity to support. If you chose Mennonite Brethren Church of Wasco that is North Kern Christian School. You just do your normal shopping and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to the school. This is great with Christmas coming up. Here are the 3 easy steps.
1. Sign into smile. Amazon.com on your computer or mobile phone.
2. Go to “your account” from the navigation at the top of any page. Select the option to change your charity.
3. Select Mennonite Brethren of Wasco and start shopping.


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